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Please follow the below steps to implement osticket  in wordpress and yii framework 1) Download osticket from the website 2) Create new wordpress  setup 3) Add (key4ce-osticket-bridge) osticket bridge for wordpress 4) Now move to the Yii framework 5) Please support module in modules folder 6) Add array( “modules”=>array( ‘supports’ ) ) in config/main.php 7) Please below code in your Yii index.php file define(‘WP_USE_THEMES’, true); $wp_did_header = true; require_once(‘blog/wp-load.php’);   here blog is wordpress setup folder 8)  Please add this code in layout/main.php $controller = Yii::app()->getController(); $module =  Yii::app()->controller->module->id; if($controller->id==’default’ && in_array($module,array(‘supports’,’forum’))){ define(‘YIIPATH’,Yii::app()->baseUrl); get_header(); } Above code use to call wordpress header file. 9)  find out attached file for Yii supports module Note :  Here my folder structure – app (protected) – assets – blog (wordpress setup) – support (osticket setup) – themes – index.php