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Magento 2 was recently released after several developed by Magento core team. Magento 2 is bringing along some drastic, yet exciting changes in comparison with its predecessor Magento 1. In this , I’ll try to list out new features in Magento 2, and what it does better than Magento 1. If you are a field-tested Magento 1 developer making your way up to Magento 2 ASAP. 1. New uptodate file structure Being a Magento 1.x developer, some will feel a bit lost at first when it comes to the new Magento 2, as most of your working files have been greatly reorganized. All files now moved under “app” folder, except for config.xml where you register your specific module. 2. New theme and admin GUI Magento 2 brings new default theme, codename “Luma”, which is a clean, eye-catching theme that has some substantial changes compared to Magento 1’s magento theme, including files structures, fully responsive images and typography, and better performance. 3. Remove to Prototypes, add new  jQuery In Magento 1.x, Prototype is the main javascript library as jQuery wasn’t stable, now after many request from the community (users), the magento core team made jQuery the default library in Magento 2 4. Enhanced performance and scalability Its safe to say Magento 2 is now faster, more secure and easier to use than Magento 1. Indexers comes with new efficient updates to improve query performance, Magento performance toolkit to verify and optimize system performance, Varnish Cache is responsible for caching common request which helps reducing server load and speed up page load. 5. New built-in technologies  Magento 1.x Jquery in rwd package Prototype Javascript library in core Additional Javascript libraries HTML5/CSS3 Sass/Compass Magento 2.0 PHP 5.5.x ++ Apache 2.2 or later ++ RequireJS PSR Compliance Install needed components via Composer Magento UI library Full page caching Magento performance toolkit 6. New command line interface with Object manager, dependency injection  The Magento core team has been spending a lot of time trying to simplify and clear the idea of ecommerce development which is left from Magento 1.x ,The traditional class rewrite system is now replaced with the new object-manager system/dependency injection, coming along with more design patterns; all these new features will redefine your old cookbook style of development.